About Dr. Susy Sanders


“The simple things are also the most extraordinary things,

and only the wise can see them.”  ~Paulo Coelho


Dr. Susy Sanders

Licensed Psychologist

Certified Addiction Specialist

Certified Child-Directed Therapist

Filial Family Therapist

Trauma Specialist

Expressive Art Therapy

Jungian Spiritual Director

 Emerging Image Artist

Dr. Susy Sanders is a licensed psychologist both in Washington State and in Maine. She has a private practice in Phillips, Maine where she provides general psychological services and specializes in trauma and mood disorders. She is dually trained in both Educational and Clinical Psychology with focus in child development, children’s mental health, special education, and child trauma. She has a PhD in Educational Psychology from the University of Washington, an M.A. in Community Counseling from Seattle University, and a B.A. in Sociology-Social Services with dual minors in Art and Anthropology from Seattle Pacific University. She graduated Magna Cum Laude. Additionally she has specialized training in addictions and holds national certification from the Academy of Health Care Providers.  She also has certifications as a Child-Directed Play Therapist through Relationsihp Enchancement, Spiritual Direction from the Haden Institute, and Jungian Psychotherapy from the Zur Institute.    Dr. Sanders has worked in the fields of addiction and trauma since 1987, initially in the criminal justice system as a Probation Officer and Addiction’s Specialist in King County and the Greater Seattle Area.  Her ongoing training and studies have kept her current in both fields as she continues to practice as a clinical psychologist.

color heart in hands

Dr. Sanders specializes in individual, couples, and family psychology. She makes use of both Adlerian and Jungian therapeutic models in her work. She works with children, adolescents and parents to develop encouraging and helpful parenting interactions in family settings, particularly for families with distressed or behaviorally challenged children.  For individuals who seek a greater sense of personal development, Susy also makes use of Jungian techniques.

Dr. Sanders was trained with a range of mental health practitioners and primary care providers including pediatricians in evaluating and monitoring medications in adults and children in the Greater Seattle area. She currently works with a psychiatric consultant regarding treatment of her clients. She engages the practice of collaborating with physicians in the area so that her clients get the best possible treatment

color heart in hands

Previous to her doctoral experiences, Dr. Sanders worked under the supervision of her father, the late Dr. E. Fredrick Thompson, clinical psychologist, with his patients who were suffering with chronic mental illness. Dr. Thompson was an expert in differential diagnosis of chronic mental illness. In this work, Dr. Sanders was trained to recognize and support the resilience of the person suffering with the disease, as opposed to focusing on the disease, itself.  Further, she was trained in everyday practical methods of mood and symptom management.

Dr. Sanders is the owner of Morning Bridge Center in Phillips, Maine. 

1 Response to About Dr. Susy Sanders

  1. Greetings Dr. Sanders,

    I am a colleague of Tess Castleman and a tradtional teacher of Indigenous spiritual ways and healing. Please be in touch when it is convenient for you.

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