Welcome to Morning Bridge Center

The Psychology and Expressive Arts Office

of  Dr. Susy Sanders


“The world grows green again, and runs with gardens.

Jewels from the mines glitter in each tree;

Souls open like suns and link with one another”. ~Rumi


Morning Bridge Center

Supporting psychological and spiritual development

and transformation in seekers of fullness of life.

For those seeking a deeper connection to self and all of creation;

For those seeking deeper meaning and purpose in life;

For those seeking joy, service, freedom, transformation;

For those seeking development of intuition;

Morning Bridge Center offers psychological

and spiritual companionship, from a holistic depth perspective.


Clarify you own life path

Discover and navigate towards the destiny and desires of your deepest heart

Activate joy, happiness, and transcendent love

through psychological and spiritual counseling,

expressive arts,

Jungian dream exploration, and retreats.


Explore what Morning Bridge Center has to offer~

3 Responses to Welcome to Morning Bridge Center

  1. dcautela2013 says:

    Hello Susy, I had breakfast with Paul this morning and I look forward to coming up to volunteer and play with children in wonderland. What if anything would you like me to bring? When would you like the volunteers to gather? Sincerely, Deborah Cautela 207-691-0730 (cell) dcautela@roadrunner.com.

  2. Lionel Corbett says:

    Dear Dr. Sanders,

    Many thanks for sending the lovely print, Alchemy. It is a really powerful piece of work.

    Best wishes,

    Lionel Corbet

  3. susynow says:

    I am glad that it arrived safely. I have very much appreciated listening to your thinking over the last three years. It is through the weeks with Aryeh and Diana that I have developed this way of thinking about painting~ a very happy development!

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