About Morning Bridge Center

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“Love builds bridges where there are none”.

                                          ~R. H. Delaney

Morning Bridge Center was developed by Dr. Susy Sanders in May of 2005, a year after her relocation from Seattle.  The vision was to provide an environment that would support recovery from the trauma of mental, emotional, and spiritual stress that cause struggle in the lives of people through-out the greater community.

Psychological Services are offered, including individual, family, couples, and psychological evaluations.

 In addition to this, Morning Bridge Center has been envisioned as a place of retreat, offering Spiritual, Jungian, and Emerging Image Artist retreats to seekers throughout the world.  In service of this vision, the Morning Bridge spaces have multiplied to include a variety of spaces for retreatants.

Individual Retreats can also be scheduled, affording the solitude that can be supportive to those who seek a breath between today and tomorrow.

Individual Retreats can be scheduled by contacting the Morning Bridge office (207) 639-2419.

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Morning Bridge Center provides space for deep contemplation; safety for exploring new ideas; art supplies and materials for expression.


The name “Morning Bridge Center” came about on the first morning that Dr. Sanders saw the property.  Walking down the natural stairway made of ancient granite rocks to the riverside, she looked up at the bridge crossing the river just as the morning sun was hitting the rocks around it.  Morning Bridge.  The symbolism suggests building bridges of self-understanding as well as understanding between family members and the community at large.  Morning suggests hope of a new day, and the possibility of renewed prospect for opportunity and thriving in both the present and future.

Through Building Bridges of Understanding

We Become the Light of a New Morning



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